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OPPO Security Response Center

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About OSRC

The OPPO Security Response Center (OSRC) is a platform dedicated to make sure that OPPO's users, products and services are secure, promote cooperation and communications among security experts, as well as identify security vulnerabilities and respond to security threats.

OPPO places great importance on the security of our own products and services, and we have always been committed to user security. With OSRC, we hope to improve the overall security level of OPPO by strengthening our cooperation with individuals, organizations and companies in the industry.

OPPO supports responsible disclosure and management of security vulnerabilities. We promise to scrupulously abide by the principles of the white hat hackers to protect the interests of the users. We are grateful and appreciative of our users who have helped OPPO improves its security.

OPPO opposes and condemns all hacking behaviors which exploit security vulnerabilities that compromise and damage the interests of users on the pretext of vulnerability testing, including but not limited to the act of using such vulnerabilities to steal user data, break into business systems, modify and steal related system data, as well as malicious dissemination of such vulnerabilities or data. OPPO shall hold whoever committed any of the above-mentioned liable for such acts. We encourage all security experts to join us in our initiative.

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